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The year was 2013. Father and son duo Nicholas and Jonathan Saint James decided it was a good idea to open a brewery. This is their story:

By 2013 Jonathan had already been home brewing for four years. It all started with honey. Lots of honey. Nicholas’s mother was a beekeeper her entire life, and any time a family member asked for honey she would claim she was freshly out. After passing away at a ripe old age, the family did what any family does. They cleaned out the house. Upon explorations into the garage, it was then discovered that she had left 50 gallons of honey behind. The family really had no interest in the honey or any idea what to do with it. Jonathan, however, posed the question if he could use the honey to brew mead. The family agreed and luckily he was rooming with a former home brewer at the time. With all the equipment necessary to make mead, Jonathan set off on his first home brewing adventure. Needless to say it was a success and he was hooked. 

Leading up to all of this, Jonathan had not really been a beer drinker. However, after several successful mead batches the next logical step was beer. And from that it was history. He brewed one extract batch beer and fell in love with the science, bought an all grain brewing kit and didn’t look back. During this whole experience, Nicholas kept joking with Jonathan that they should open a brewery. All joking aside, it wasn’t a bad idea. 

Flash forward to 2016, Luck and Courage signed a lease on a space and began legal filings to become a commercial brewing company. 


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